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by Henry Sherlock
Dated: 12th January 1998

Oh sun filled sky, how I miss your wondrous palette of colour,

How I ache for your blues, reds and yellow,

When your crimson is swallowed by the black stealth of night,

And the starlight sky your twinkling pillow.

Oh oceans and seas and you babbling brooks,

How I long for your greens, greys, whites and blues,

As you tend your shores clean and you dust down your banks,

And you join hand in hand the world through.

Oh you wondrous fields with your inspiring pallor,

How I miss your amazing Technicolor main,

When the wind blows your main, again and again,

And you change with the seasonal change.

Oh you dancing brown barked monoliths,

How I miss your sensuous head spinning flails,

That changes so delicately each day and each hour,

And your dance with your colourful vales.

Even for all of this, the views I now miss,

I have stored in my memory over all these years,

I still know of beauty and wondrous things,

For at least I still have my ears.

I still feel you warm sun when your day has begun,

And I know when your energy does fray,

I know your warm touch as it kisses my face,

And hear you sing as you end your long day.

I still hear you great oceans with your tenebrous notions,

As your children babble and chatter to each other,

I listen to your tales and smell your fresh smells,

And I enjoy your occasional damp cover.

And you great monoliths with your whispering hushes,

As you speak to each other in code,

And you singing rustley fields with your head lashing wields,

Give me companionship on the long roads.

I'm now in full tune from dawn until moon,

As the worlds orchestra play its symphonies,

And without seeing your change as you mature and age,

You still look ever so wondrous to me.

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