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Alpha Arctica

by Henry Sherlock

Above an ancient Arctic artistic arena,

Breathes biological brethren bountifully burdened,

Coming closed cupped choked, crimson clouds cry cleaner,

Dripping dead drip drops dutifully.

Every eyelid exploring, each exemplary existence,

From far flung fungi, facing few furry friends,

Greeting gorgeous geraniums gallivanting great governments,

Hiding homes, hiding hearts, holding heavy humble heads.

Innovation intoxicates it's idleness if it is indolent,

Juxtaposition judged jewel jangles justly,

Keeping knowledgeable kinsmen kneeling keenly ken,

Lifting laughter lightly lofty, leaving lovers looking lusty.

Many may mourn my mindful misconceived memorandum,

Nothing noticed, nothing needed, nothing nodded nor noted,

Only opulent observers offering opinions one on one,

Putting privileges past politicians, powder plots path posted.

Quickness quickly quacks quotes quacking,

Restless relatives realise reactions reap rewards,

Stupid silence softens slowly,

Tenebrous time tick tocks towards.

Usual utterances urge under useless unabridged utters,

Visibly verifying vulgar vitreous, verifying virtual vile,

Wishing well with wondrous wonder,

xenogamy xenial,

Youth yells your young yearning yodel,

Zapping Zeus, zipping zest zeigamik zoophile.

Dated: 16th January 1999

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