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Add A Shiba Hill Banner To Your Web Page or Site

    All you need to do is:
  1. Place your mouse cursor over the Shiba Hill Banner above and right click, then click on SAVE IMAGE AS and save it to your hard drive as shibabanner.jpg

  2. Place the following HTML code on your web page(s):

    <A HREF="">
    <img src= "shibabanner.jpg" border=0></A>

  3. E-mail A. Doyle and let me know the URL of the page(s) where you have placed the banner.

  4. We will reciprocate with a link from our site to yours

    Please note: You cannot alter the banner in any way, shape or form; if you reduce it in size, it must be proportional and no smaller than 2/3 its original size; we will not provide reciprocal links to pornographic, adult or offensive sites

Shiba Hill Banner designed by Kathryn Lively

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