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Gil The Gecko Postcards

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STEP 1:   Choose a card.

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Gil The Gecko 1

Gil The Gecko 2

Gil The Gecko 3

Susu The Shrew 1

Happy Birthday from Gil and Sam!

Susu The Shrew 2

Susu The Shrew 3

Sam The Salamander 1

Sam The Salamander 2

Sam The Salamander 3

STEP 2:   Choose some music.

To preview the song, click the speaker button beside its title.
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Star Wars Theme
You're My Best Friend (music group - Queen)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Happy Birthday To You
Under The Sea (from Disney's The Little Mermaid)
It's A Small World (Disney)
Disney's Electrical Parade
Cartoons Galore!
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Step 3: Select your Text/Background Colors



STEP 4: Give Your Card a Title

STEP 5: Your Message Goes Here
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STEP 6: Sign Your Card

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