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Iwo Jima - A Retrospective

Iwo Jima - A Retrospective
A commemorative chapbook and photo album by J. A. Hitchcock.
ISBN 4-990-00359-4-1
1995 by J.A. Hitchcock

J.A. Hitchcock spent several years on Okinawa and wrote for several American and Japanese publications on the island. As a journalist for these publications, Hitchcock was able to make the historic trip in March of 1995 to commemorate 50th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima. Hitchcock was fascinated by the history surrounding the event, the veterans who fought the battle and the island itself. Upon returning to Okinawa, Hitchcock was encouraged by WWII veterans to put together a rememberance of this trip for those who could not make it. Iwo Jima - A Retrospective was the result. The response to this special package was positive and enthusiastic:

Jim B. Smith, USAAF WWII Veteran, Author of The Last Mission:
"The Iwo Jima (brilliant idea) material means more than you can imagine."

Maj. Robert Maiden, USMC Ret., WWII Veteran of the Iwo Jima battle:
"The package you have put together is just great. Thanks for your support for what we both feel is a worthy cause that time will not erase."

Walter Mondale, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan and Vice President:
"That was indeed a memorable day (50th Anniversary commemoration in 1995) and you have assembled a touching album to keep the memories fresh."

K. Lively, Editor of ATHENA:
"The unique presentation of J.A. Hitchcock's Iwo Jima - A Retrospective succeeds in explaining the impact this famous battle had on us."

"It was difficult choosing which photographs to include in the photo album. There were so many things that happened that day - the people, the places, the stories I heard. To this day, it tugs at my heart to remember all those who died fighting for our country. It is because of people like these veterans that make me proud to be an American and that day on Iwo Jima will be one I will never forget." - J.A. Hitchcock

Included in this special commemorative package is a chapbook with articles about the battle on Iwo Jima and the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Events, including a map of the island; a mini-photo album with 14 color photo reprints and full descriptions of events held during the Commemoration; plus a small bag of black sand from Invasion Beach.

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