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Jerry Robbins

Historical novelist Jerry Robbins is a busy woman. Not only is her new novel For Love and Liberty available in traditional print form, it's also available to read online at her site.

This new twist on the American Revolutionary War is more than a "romance novel" - it's filled with enough action and adventure to satisfy anyone. As Jerry says, "I wanted to adhere to actual history as much as possible, yet create a moving story with characters who are as real as life."

With her experience as a genealogist and historian, Jerry accurately depicts life during this war for not only soldiers, but civilians, too, with a wonderful storyline sure to capture the imagination. A must-read for war buffs!

NEW! - Jerry is now concetrating on writing screenplays. She is rewriting For Love & Liberty, due to the fact it was used as a college class reading project for American History, and the feedback from this has helped her with the rewrite.

She is once again thinking about a sequel, due to the feedback she received from those who read the book. She has also written a couple of adaptations of novels into screenplays, but so far with no success in selling the finished product. If anyone is interested in any of these, please feel free to e-mail Jerry.

Jerry is also completing a family history project.

So, who is Jerry Robbins?

She replies, "I have been writing 'bits and pieces' all my life.

Why did I choose this era to write about when I could have used so many 'modern' themes I find the Revolutionary period particularly relevant to today's human rights questions. The seeds of democracy were sown during those years, when the conflict between the 13 colonies and Great Britain grew from a struggle to obtain what the colonists perceived as their deserved rights under English law to the idea that as a free and independent nation they could better manage their own welfare and give their citizens 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' The concepts we take for granted today were new then, and did not evolve all at once. Nor was freedom easily won. My goal in writing FOR LOVE AND LIBERTY was to present, in a lively and entertaining fashion through characters we can both love and hate, the story of that struggle, so that we can better understand and appreciate what we have today, with the courage to change what needs changing, and the wisdom to know what doesn't need to be changed.

I would like to write more books and hopefully have a movie or two produced from them, starting with FOR LOVE AND LIBERTY."

Jerry notes she has several more writing projects started that she hopes will catch the attention of agents and publishers.

Jerry currently is an accountant who has worked for a Missouri Regional Planning Commission and Rural Development Agency for the past decade. Prior to that she ran her own accounting and tax service, and before that was a part-time college student and stay-at-home mom of two sons, both of which are grown now. Jerry and her husband John live in rural northern Missouri on a 200-acre farm.

Jerry is happy to answer any questions via email.

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