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Joseph Sackett

Joseph Sackett is not only an author, he is also noted for conducting seminars, most recently about self-publishing called "Author-Publisher: How to Get Your Book in Print" at Barnes & Noble.

Joe notes he's written other things besides his two novels. "Some of my short works have been published by, Southern Scribe, Alabama Homes Magazine, Mobile Bay Monthly Magazine, Navy Times, Naval Institute Proceedings Magazine, the Marine Corps Gazette, and the Metro-East Journal. In 2000, Kalioka Press published a book about the life of Eugene Walter, noted Alabama novelist, poet and artist. One of my 'Eugene Stories' was included in the book. In early 1999, Live Oak released my 125-page non-fiction book titled 'Historic Homes of the Oakleigh Garden District.'

Another non-fiction book, 'Mobile, Mobilians, and Southern Ways' was released in 2002. A book of verse, 'All the World's a Stage' was released in 2004.

Joe's a busy man, but he hopes to attract the attention of an agent. To find out more about his books surf on over to his web site or email him

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