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Looking At Me

by Henry Sherlock

Tell me,

What do you see when you're looking at me?,

Do you see the real me or the someone who's blind?,

What's your first thought as we engage in our talk?,

What really goes on in your mind?

Help me,

Understand why you will try to deny,

That I'm simply a person like you,

I may have no vision and need supervision,

When I attempt to do some things, that's true.

Watch me,

Do the things that you do to get through the day,

To achieve what I want to achieve,

I have ideas, I have thoughts and needs of all sorts,

And believe in what I need to believe.

So please don't,

Categories, for it's only my eyes,

That are faulty and need some support,

But with learning new skills and exploring the thrills,

Of a life that requires a little more thought.

Although I,

May be blind I know that mankind,

Should stop and consider and see,

That I am a lover, an uncle, a brother,

A father, a son, a colleague.

Now tell me,

What do you see when you're looking at me?,

Do you still only see a person who's blind?,

Well then if you still do, then it really is you,

Who is blind to yourself and mankind.

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