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Stephen McKinnon

M. Stephen "Steve" McKinnon is a 47-year-old photographer for the Canadian Air Force. He's been writing since his mid-twenties, but never submitted anything for publication until recently.

He says, "It took a long time to be published, though I have mailed my manuscript to more publishers and agents than I can recall since the summer of 1994. Some have had favorable comments and some have bluntly informed me that I should stick to photography."

But Steve wasn't discouraged yet and continues to beat on doors and shamelessly flogs his story to whoever will read and perhaps assist in getting it published. He's already working on two other stories, which he hopes will be finished later this year and has finished a short story called "Shadow Warrior."

Steve writes fiction, sci-fi, and horror, but particularly enjoys speculating on the possibility of time travel. He's married, with three children and one grandchild. He enjoys wild nature and has spent many years prior to his military service traveling throughout Canada and the US. He also spent time in the Arctic Circle photographing polar bears and other wildlife while working with oil companies.

"I would spend my life traveling if there was a way to get paid for that," Steve grins.

Steve's first novel, TIMEKEEPER, is about time travel. To read a sample from the book, go to TIMEKEEPER and order the book from our order page. Visit Steve's web site or e-mail him for more information.

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