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R.N. Mitra

R.N. Mitra is retired from the medical field and works at a not-for-profit clinic part time in Long Island, New York. He reads and collects vintage mysteries, including first editions from the 1930's. This was in part responsible for his love of writing. . .mysteries.

Mitra's third mystery, A RAIN FULL OF GHOSTS, was published by PublishAmerica in February 2005. Another book he's written, "AS IN THE FALL OF AN EYELID" is available to any interested publishers. Read a sample here.

His first novel, A VERY INSIPID PASSION, is reminiscent of the mysteries from the 1920s-40s, a good old-fashioned detective story. It was published in Russia as an English language book in 2002.

"I love Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, Dorothy L. Sayers and Philip MacDonald," R.N. says. "The only new writers I like are Colin Dexter and Reginald Hill and some books of P.D. James."

His second book, At the Davies: A Novel of Medical Life is now available. Read a sample here, and a review of the book here.

When he's not writing, R.N. plays and watches tennis, and spends time with his physician wife and two daughters.

Mitra's second novel, IMPUTE FALL TO SIN, was published by PublishAmerica. Check back soon for more details.

For more information, please e-mail R.N. Mitra

A RAIN FULL OF GHOSTS, set in Manhattan, is the third adventure of the modern Three Musketeers, Sandy Bloorwoise, Halley Willard and Dr. Martin, ably assisted by the D’Artagnan of the 21st century, Inspector Dobbelia Smith. It was published by PublishAmerica in February 2005.

Sandy Bloorwoise, the aged physician, is once again depressed and suicidal. A discovery of an old skeleton in a house being demolished gets him interested and he starts investigating. This is his therapy as prescribed by Dr. Martin. Soon it leads him to discover a tragedy of young lovers and finally to a coverup. Could it be that the powerful American Ambassador to India is involved?

Meanwhile, Inspector Dobbelia Smith, the darling of the ‘ACLU’ on vacation in New Delhi, is pressed back into service to help the Indian C.B.I investigate the suspicious death of the wife of the American Ambassador. Dob gets to experience a completely new culture. She works with a shrewd detective who is woefully naïve about everyday life, meets a blind snake charmer who might have been involved in the death of the Ambassador’s first wife, and is kidnapped by an Islamic terrorist. As the case is resolved, she returns to New York, to find her boss, Halley Willard, involved in tying the Ambassador to a death of a young girl killed twelve years ago.

A detective novel full of fun with an intricately woven mystery in the classical mold is the third by this author, a retired physician. This follows An Insipid Passion (2000) and Impute Fall to Sin (2003).

Read the first chapter.

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