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Alan Lorenzini, Author
Sean Slade, Illustrator

Alan Lorenzini and Sean Slade are elementary school teachers who met while working in Trieste in northern Italy. A friendship quickly developed and Alan, a long-time writer of unpublished short childrenís stories, did what publishing companies usually advise writers not to do -- he asked a friend (in this case, Sean) to illustrate his works.

In 1995 their first childrenís book, The Mumbles, was published by Minerva Press in the United Kingdom, and a successful partnership was born.

They continued their collaboration, even while working in different countries away from each other and were reunited in 1997 in Caracas, Venezuela. They soon set about finding ways to attract publishers and/or agents for their new work, completed after four years of development.

Their web page illustrates this new book, which can be perhaps best summarized by Alan and Sean as, "Twists on old-time fables and humorous poems tracing the antics of a five-year-old boy, plus intriguing short stories designed to stimulate the readerís imagination."

What you will see on their web page is just a sample of this new book. A full portfolio will be sent upon request. We also expect new work from them in the near future.

Alan and Sean continue their careers as teachers in International Schools, Alan in Caracas, Venezuela and Sean in his native Australia.

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