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a Novel

by Bones Rathbone with J. A. Hitchcock
ISBN 4-9900359-2-5
1995 by Barclay Publishing
235 pages

The journey begins in a small town in New York State. . .

In 1966, Sam "Slim" Scanlon was a 17-year-old with not a care in the world, hair "as long as Jesus", and on his way to the world of retail after college. He soon discovers that life can change suddenly and for him it's two things: "Thumper" and the draft. He finds himself at Parris Island, SC on yellow footprints painted on the ground -- United States Marine Corps boot camp. After thirteen weeks of rough and tough training, Slim transforms into a lean, mean, fightin' Marine who feels he can do anything!

And continues across the U.S. to California, then Vietnam and Okinawa. . .

As the years pass, Slim's career in the Marines becomes his life. He learns about war, peace, love, and escpecially hate. Through his travels,and duty stations, he dreams of retirement at home... in Okinawa, Japan with his wife and two children. But he must find the answer to his. . .


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