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Jonathan Winters - After The Beep

Jonathan Winters - After The Beep
by Jim B. Smith
ISBN 0-399-51535-6
1989 by Perigree Books
128 pages

It's Jonathan Winters. . .After The Beep!

From the answering machine of Winters' best friend, Jim B. Smith, come hundreds of brilliant bits from the King of Improvisation.

Country star Malcolm Silworse wings "I'm on a Charter Bus Going' Nowhere" and "Your Brains Are Strung Out on the Clothesline of Life"

"Doctor" Winters gets on the line to explain how he performs frotnal lobotomies - with a True Value© type of drill

Chester Honeyhugger, the psycho-tot, announces his arrival at the airport with a dead dog

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of fans who have laughed at Jonathan over the years, you'll have to have this book!

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