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Shiba Hill is an "authors cooperative," a place where authors can showcase their works for potential agents and/or publishers.

    Each author listed here has either
  1. Published books, short stories, poems and/or articles and is looking for a new agent or publisher
  2. Self-published their works and is now searching for an agent or publisher
  3. Are brand-new to the writing game and hope to attract the interest of a potential agent/publisher with a completed work.

In Memory of Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann


There seems to be more than a bit of confusion, so in light of e-mail we have been receiving:


We are NOT a vanity press, manuscript editors, book doctors or anything else to do with publishing. We are NOT looking for manuscript editors, book doctors or vanity presses to advertise on our site. We're trying to create awareness and publicity for authors we feel are worth a look This means we don't want to see full manuscripts from authors, we don't want books mailed to us and we don't want questions about getting your book published or book proposals, etc. If you're still confused (as some have been), then look at the rest of the site.

    If you feel you and your work would fit on Shiba Hill, then send the following to us:
  • Your bio, including any awards you may have won, where you've been published (if you have), etc.
  • Samples from the work you are trying to get published
  • A color or black and white photo of yourself in .jpg or .gif format
  • If you have published works, where they can be purchased, how much, etc.

We apologize for the bluntness, but frankly, some people just don't get what this site is about - helping other writers

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