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Jayne A. Hitchcock

Author of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors, The Ghosts of Okinawa,
Gil The Gecko, TORMENT,

Iwo Jima - A Retrospective and several other works.


netcrimescovera.jpg Jayne Hitchcock named Lifetime TV's "Champion For Change"

Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists
This is Jayne's eighth book! The second edition of the non-fiction book detailing different types of online harassment, spams and scams, complete with case histories, experts, advice on how to protect yourself online, and more. Expanded with two new chapters and loads of updates.
A CyberAge Book from Information Today, Inc.
480 pages
Retail $24.95 ($37.95 Canada)
ISBN 0910965722
Order it today at the Net Crimes web site.
Or through

Jayne is signed with literary agent Peter Rubie of The Peter Rubie Literary Agency in NYC for two more Internet-related books! One is targeted to law enforcement and the other is tentatively titled "How To Defend Yourself Against Virtual Villains" - Congratulations, Jayne!

Jayne A. Hitchcock says she seemed to always have been writing something, whether it was poems in her diaries, plays during elementary school, as editor of her junior and high school newspapers in Oxnard, California or her year's stint as a weekly student columnist for the Oxnard Press-Courier.

After high school, Jayne entered the world of advertising as a copywriter in New England. She then owned a successful advertising agency for three years before moving back to California in 1990 with her Marine husband, Christopher. She was Assistant Creative Director at the number one advertising agency in Orange County, California for two years.

When Jayne moved to Okinawa, Japan with her husband in 1992, she finally got the chance to pursue her heart's desire - writing. As Assistant Editor of the weekly newspaper Japan Update for three years, Jayne covered human interest and feature articles and honed her skills as a photographer. Jayne also collaborated with the Bank of the Ryukyus International Foundation in 1992 on two books --Okinawa Tour Guide and Folktales of Okinawa (both went into second printings and sold out within months). The bank graciously provided the Japanese text for her first children's book, Gil The Gecko, self-published in June of 1995 (it sold out within two weeks). Jayne also teamed up with Clyde "Bones" Rathbone in 1994 to produce the paperback novel Torment.

In June of 1995, Jayne took some ghost stories she had collected and published The Ghosts of Okinawa, freelanced articles for local newspapers, and contributed articles and photos for the 1995 50th Commemoration Issue of the Exploring Okinawa Travel Guide.

Five months after Jayne returned to the United States in July of 1995, she self-published Iwo Jima -- A Retrospective and published the third edition of The Ghosts of Okinawa in April of 2000.

Read an article about the book at Pacific Stars & Stripes

Her newest book, NET CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS, is a non-fiction, all-in-one resource detailing online fraud, spamming, scamming and stalking, complete with case histories, experts, advice on how to protect yourself online and more.

NET CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: Outmaneuvering The Spammers, Scammers & Stalkers Who Are Targeting You Online
A CyberAge Book from Information Today, Inc.
Retail $24.95 ($37.95 Canada)
ISBN 0-910965-57-9
Order it today!

Jayne currently resides in New England with her husband, Christopher, a museum- quality model ship builder and their two Shibas (a Japanese breed of dog).

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She is President of W.H.O.A. (Working to Halt Online Abuse) and a member of:
- Sisters In Crime
- Sisters In Crime New England Chapter
- SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)
- NWU (National Writer's Union)
- MWPA (Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance)
- Third Marine Division Association Life Member
- USMCCCA (United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association)
- CAMP (Council on America's Military Past)
- CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email)

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Samples of Jayne's articles, commentaries, and software/hardware reviews are available at

If you would like more information about Jayne, she can be reached at or via snail mail at

P.O. Box 782
York, Maine 03909
Voicemail/fax (815) 550-5059

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